October Books – lots of free events coming up in April/May 2019!!

October Books has lots of free entry events coming up!

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Full details of events below!


Tues 9th April – Radical Reading book group
free entry – 7pm – instore
Discussing chapter 6 of ‘Towards a Gay Communism’ by Mario Mieli

Wed 24th April – Author Talk: A Party With Socialists In It by Simon Hannah
free entry – 7pm – instore
Socialist, trade unionist and writer, Simon Hannah will be in the shop talking about his new book! He will focus on lessons to be learned from the Socialist League in the 1930s, the Bevanites in the 1950s and the struggles of the 1980s under Kinnock.

A Guardian Politics Book of the Day, described by New Statesman as ‘admirably clear-sighted’, and endorsed by Morning Star, ‘A Party With Socialists In It’ condenses 120yrs of Labour history into a readable analysis. Looking at the struggle of the Labour left to win the party and examining why the movement largely failed until 2015, he asks about strategy and goals and how they might be reached. There will be plenty of time for questions and debate!


Saturday 27 April – Meet the Maker!

A chance to meet some of our varied local producers and buy their crafts. Free entry, 11 am to 3 pm.







Sat 4th May – Author talk: Lost Women Of Rock by Helen Reddington
Free entry – 4pm – instore
Join us for this very special event as part of Feminist Book Fortnight 2019.

Helen Reddington was one of the original punks in 1977, not in London but in Brighton, where she played bass in bands as part of the Brighton punk scene. Much to her surprise, this led to a seven year career in bands under the moniker of Helen McCookerybook, with both The Chefs and Helen and the Horns recording numerous sessions for John Peel. Later she worked as a composer to film sound tracks and a songwriting facilitator on housing estates in South London, before moving into academia. The book The Lost Women of Rock Music was her response to the fact that there were no histories of women punk musicians in University libraries. She continues to write on women in punk, and has just completed a book on women producers and engineers, which will be published shortly. The film Stories from the She-Punks, made in conjunction with Gina Birch of The Raincoats, adds to the history of women’s activity as instrumentalists in punk. Helen continues to play live and release music, now as a solo artist, and will be touring the UK in summer 2019.


Wed 8th May – Author Talk: The Labour Party A Marxist History by Charlie Kimber
free entry – 3.30pm signing – 6.30pm author talk and Q+A – instore

Charlie Kimber (National Secretary of the Socialist Workers Party, editor of Socialist Worker) will be joining us in the shop to discuss the updated 3rd edition of this 1988 path breaking book.
Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party has given hope to Labour supporters disillusioned by Blair’s New Labour. Corbyn stands for opposition to war and neo-liberalism but the Labour Party itself is deeply divided, with many in its parliamentary leadership openly opposed to the hopes of its new mass membership. The British Labour Party has always been an enigma, claiming to be socialist but defending capitalism when in government. Can the Labour Party become the vehicle for socialism in Britain? What is the nature of its politics and the division between left and right within it? Why has its record in government repeatedly disappointed its own supporters? And can Corbyn overcome these contradictions? Charlie Kimber will be discussing all this and more.


Mon 13th May – Human Books
free entry – 6.30pm-9pm


Tues 14th May – Radical Reading book group
free entry – 7pm – instore
Title tbc


Thurs 23rd May – In conversation with… Claire Fuller
free entry – 7pm – instore
Join us in the shop and in conversation with Claire Fuller, to coincide with paperback release of her critically acclaimed third novel Bitter Orange.

Bitter Orange, a novel about loneliness, secrets and lies, is set in a real-life Hampshire country house. In 1969 Frances falls under the spell of a captivating, bohemian couple until she is drawn so far into their lives she cannot escape. Claire will talk about the how Bitter Orange came about, its themes, her writing processes, and what other books inspire her. Claire Fuller didn’t start writing until she was 40.
She’s the author of three novels: Our Endless Numbered Days (winner of the Desmond Elliott Prize), Swimming Lessons (shortlisted for the Encore Award), and most recently, the critically acclaimed, Bitter Orange. She also writes short stories and flash fiction, and has won the Royal Academy / Pin Drop short story prize amongst others.
“Fuller creates an atmosphere of simmering menace with all the assurance of a latter-day Daphne du Maurier.” The Times.


Wed 29th May – Author Talk: Vagina A ReEducation by Lynn Enright
free entry – 7pm – instore
Lynn Enright is a journalist for Vogue, Guardian, Evening Standard, BuzzFeed, Grazia and Stylist, and will be in the shop talking about Vagina: A Re-Education – her first book!

From childhood, girls are misled about their bodies, encouraged to describe their genitalia with silly names rather than the correct terms. Girls grow up feeling ashamed about periods, the appearance of their vulvas, their own desires, and without a full and honest sex education. This lack of knowledge has serious consequences: UK cervical screening appointments are at a 20yr low while labiaplasty is the fastest growing type of plastic surgery in the world. Lynn’s book provides girls and women with info about their bodies, about medical conditions, and confronts taboos. It tackles the social issues of period poverty, FGM and trans rights. This is a book that will provoke thousands of conversations. Join the discussion!

Sat 15th June – Book signing: Secret Southampton by Martin Brisland
free entry – 11am-2pm – instore
To coincide with Independent Bookshop Week, local historian and qualified tour guide Martin Brisland will be in the shop talking about and signing copies of his hugely popular book ‘Secret Southampton’.
In this book he reveals the hidden history of Southampton, from the grisly locations of the Old Admiralty Gallows and other public executions at the Bargate to the medieval wine vaults beneath the streets that were used as air-raid shelters during the Second World War. Many notable characters have been associated with the city, including Benny Hill; Jane Austen; General Rosas, who helped create modern Argentina; and Admiral Jellicoe. As well as being the port of embarkation for the Titanic, the Pilgrim Fathers’ Mayflower sailed from Southampton. All this and more features in Secret Southampton as the author explores the little-known history of the city.

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