Latest events and activities at October Books from September to November 2019!

Here’s all of the latest events at October Books for your perusal; this goes all the way up to mid-November!
Aside from the First Aid Training, (which is ticketed) all events are all free entry. If people are able to donate a couple of pounds on the night that would be great!
October Books also host Quaker Meetings every Thursday at 6.15 pm which are open to all who would like to attend.
Sat 7th September – 1pm – shopfront
Plant Sale/Swap!
Bring what you have and take away something new! All welcome

Sat 7th September – 2pm – community space

Author talk: Losing Our Minds by Patricia Worby
“Ageing is not an inevitable and random process – it is both individual and alterable. Not to say we can reverse ageing completely (although some people have reversed the disease processes often associated with ageing), but we can modify the pace and outcomes significantly.”
Patricia Worby, PhD, is a practitioner of body-oriented (somatic) psychotherapy which releases unprocessed emotion causing a range of medically unexplained symptoms including pain, fatigue and anxiety. Her ground-breaking book looks at life processes including healthy ageing and disease – but from a cellular point of view. With this more diminutive but complex perspective, we see that disease is not a natural consequence of ageing as modern medicine would have you believe. It is, in fact, a metabolic response to the toxicity of our lives; in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the thoughts we think and the relationships we have in this 21st century world. Join us to find out more!
Dr Patricia Worby PhD, BSc, MSc, ACMT, HPD, Member of the International College of Holistic Medicine (ICHM), General Hypnotherapy Register and an Institute of Leadership and Management accredited wellbeing coach and Chrysalis Effect (ME/CFS specialist) Practitioner.

Sat 14th September – 11.30am – shopfloor

Book launch: Wires Untwisting by Sarina Wheatman
Wires Untwisting is primarily a book about hope in the world of addictions.
The lives of many have been blighted by untreated addiction, this book goes some way in explaining what addiction is and how to treat it. It explores at all the manifestations of the illness, from alcoholism to gaming and internet addiction, dual diagnosis and more.
‘Wires Untwisting’ refers to the complex and baffling minds of addicts as well as the skewed attitudes that society has about addiction itself.
The author, Sarina Wheatman, who has had many years of experience working with addicts, attempts to unravel some of the twists and turns in this complex mental health illness. Ultimately the reader will be left with the knowledge and information demonstrating that recovery can be achieved with the right kind of intervention and support.
This book presents the reader with a choice to change long-held perceptions about addiction and shows why changing what we think could possibly encourage more to seek help or even not go down the murky road to disaster.
Wires Untwisting is an uncomplicated and easy read, with many surprising facts. Anyone whose lives are touched by addiction will find this book worthwhile.
Tues 24th September – 7pm – shopfloor
Author talk: Prison – A Survival Guide by Carl Cattermole
Join Carl Cattermole as he takes us through his book ‘Prison: A Survival Guide’ – the cult guide to UK prisons. Male, female, LGBTQ+ and child prisoners give advice on how to best cope with the prison system and it’s impenetrable combo of impossible bureaucracy, chaotic emotions, violence and institutionalisation. It’s a trojan horse of a book that leads readers to understand the dysfunction of imprisonment. This book fills the info-void about jails that is currently occupied by tabloid journalists, Hollywood scriptwriters and rehabilitation/punishment obsessed politicians. (It’s also very funny)
Carl Cattermole is a 7ft tall repeat offender, ex-prisoner in multiple countries and award winning journalist. This will be unmissable!
Thurs 26th September – 9.30am – community space
First Aid Training
One day First Aid Training Course at 9.30am-4.30pm. There are 12 spaces available in total. You will receive a certificate on completion of the course.
In order to secure your place you will need to pay £32.50 per person in advance of the training. You can do this over the counter in the shop, or make a card payment down the phone if you’d prefer.
Tues 15th October – 7pm – shopfloor
Author talk: The Water And The Wine by Tamar Hodes
To celebrate the DVD release of Nick Broomfield’s ‘Marianne and Leonard’, Tamar Hodes talks about her semi-fictional tale set in Hydra!
It is the 1960s and a group of young writers and artists gather on the Greek island of Hydra – Leonard Cohen is at the start of his career and in love with Marianne, and the island hums with excitement. However, Greece is overtaken by a military junta and the artistic idyll is threatened. In this fictionalised account, Tamar Hodes explores the destructive side of creativity and the price that we pay for our dreams.
Israeli born British author Tamar Hodes blends reality with fiction in this quintessential 1960s flavored novel of art and relationship changes. She has been teaching English in schools, universities and prisons while writing for Radio 4 and others in anthologies including Salt’s The Best British Short Stories 2015, The Pigeonhole, Your One Phone Call, the Ofi Press, MIR online and Fictive Dream. She’ll be in the shop to discuss her book!
Tues 29th October – 7pm – shopfloor
Author talk: Trans Power by Juno Roche
‘All those layers of expectation that are thrust upon us; boy, masculine, femme, transgender, sexual, woman, real, are such a weight to carry round. I feel transgressive. I feel hybrid. I feel trans.’
In this radical and emotionally raw book, Juno Roche pushes the boundaries of trans representation by redefining ‘trans’ as an identity with its own power and strength, that goes beyond the gender binary. Through intimate conversations with influential figures in the trans community, this book highlights the diversity of trans identities and experiences with regard to love, bodies, sex, race and class, and urges trans people – and the world at large – to embrace a ‘trans’ identity as something that offers empowerment and autonomy.
Powerfully written, and with humour and advice throughout, this book is essential reading for anyone interested in the future of gender and how we identify ourselves. Join us, and this renowned writer and campaigner in the shop!
Tues 19th November – 7pm – shopfloor
Author talk: Veganism, Sex and Politics by C Lou Hamilton
Veganism is so much more than what we eat. It’s about striving to live an ethical life in a profoundly unethical world. Is being vegan difficult or is it now easier than ever? What does veganism have to do with wider struggles for social justice – feminism, LGBTQ+ politics, anti-racism, environmentalism?
C. Lou Hamilton’s compulsively readable book dives deep into the heart of these questions, and explores the potential dangers and irresistible pleasures of living a vegan life.
C. Lou Hamilton has published academic articles and books on feminism, the history of sexuality, oral history, revolutionary movements, sex work and human-animal relations. As an activist she has been involved for many years in feminist and queer collectives, the sex worker rights movement and environmentalism. Join her in the shop when she talks about her brand new book!
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