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October Books livestream event: Thursday 25 June from 7 pm to 8.30 pm. ‘Space between black and white’ by Esuantsiwa J Goldsmith

THURSDAY, 25 JUNE 2020 FROM 19:00-20:30

Livestream: Space Between Black+White by Esuantsiwa J Goldsmith

Online event

livestream – 7pm – free entry
Register your interest by getting your free ticket, instructions to join will be emailed shortly afterwards. For your security and ours, you cannot attend this talk without registering in advance first.
Join Esuantsiwa Jane Goldsmith (Esua) via ZOOM as she talks about her memoir ‘The Space Between Black And White’, for Independent Bookshop Week
Esua will speak about her inner journey of self-discovery growing up mixed-race in Britain, and the truths that could help a growing community of mixed-race people struggling to find their own space in the world.
Esua was raised in 1950s London in a white, working-class family – her education in racial politics was immediate and personal. From Britain and Scandinavia to Italy and Tanzania, she tackled inequality where she saw it, establishing an inspiring legacy in Women’s Lib and Black Power movements. A feminist and political activist, she works with over 100 organisations on five continents as a dynamic facilitator and strategist.
Register via Eventbrite for instructions to join ZOOM event . This is a free entry event, but if you’d like to sling October Books a donation, please do so here: https://www.paypal.me/octoberbooks