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How to recognise a legal e-scooter

It was great to see so many people out in Portswood this morning with the cafes, hairdressers and shops open and very long queues for some charity shops!
In the Voi docking bay for the rental trial e-scooters outside the Trago Lounge (see picture below), there was just one solitary pinky-red e-scooter left; recognisable by their colour and registration number on the back; they can only go at max 10 mph. They appear to be really popular!
These e-scooters by Voi,  which are part of the Solent Transport Partners trial which lasts until November, can be hired legally but they should only be used on roads and cycle lanes and not on pavements or on the motorway. Users need a full or provisional driving licence and should be 18 or over. They will need to scan in their driving licence. There are docking stations all over the city, including in this area on the University of Southampton Highfield Campus, the Avenue Campus and near to the Travel Lodge along The Avenue, as well as outside the Trago Lounge.
More information is on the City Council website:
You can report a problem and other concerns to Voi here: https://www.voiscooters.com/report/uk/
All other e-scooters, including the black ones, are illegal and can only be used on private land and with the permission of the landowner. If spotted, these should be reported to the police either on 101 or via the police reporting portal: