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Agenda: HRA Committee Meeting (on Zoom), 7 pm, Monday 10 May 2021

Agenda HRA Committee Meeting, 7 pm, Monday 10 May 2021
Via Zoom 19:00h

Prof. Roger Brown will Chair the meeting

1.     Prof. Roger Brown – Welcome and opening remarks

2.     Declarations of interest –

3.     Apologies –

4.     Minutes from April 2021 have been circulated


5.     Short Presentation – Roberto Sordillo Voi Operations Manager – E-scooter update

6.     Matters Arising –

a.     Transforming Cities – Equalities Impact Assessment (EQIA) Pete Thomas

7.     Information from Councillors –

a.     Election update

8.     Transforming Cities Update if any – Email from Emma Baker (BC)

9.     University Liaison (JW)

10.   Membership casework – (BC)

a.     High Hedges

b.     Japanese knotweed

11.   Reports

a.     Finance (MB)

b.     Membership (BC for NM)

12.   Planning Report (AS)

a.     Updates on planning casework: Blockbusters from Jon Willetts (BC)

b.     Zoom Mtg with Jon Willets (SCC Historic and Environment Officer) (RB)

c.      Anything from OTRA, PRG or Uplands Est

13.    Police liaison – Crime information sharing WhatsApp group (for Highfield) (NJ)

14.   Website / Facebook (NJ)


15.   City of Culture (KB)


16.   A.O.B.

a.     https://the city nature challenge-More than just weeds

b.     Little Common update (SO)