Acting Chair’s Report of the HRA Committee Meeting, Monday 12th June 2017

Acting Chair’s Report of the HRA Committee Meeting of Monday 12th June 2017

  • Councillors Claisse & O’Neil were welcomed to the meeting. The Chairman also welcomed back our Treasurer and the committee expressed their good wishes for the continuing progress of his and Megan’s baby daughter.
  • Matters arising from last meeting – it was noted that the bench outside #Coffee had still not been removed and that Vans were once again being left on Double yellow lines and causing obstruction outside the S/H Washing machine shop. Cllr Claisse undertook to follow up with Balfour Beaty and the Council Parking Dept.
  • University liaison – Jon Walsh gave a report on current activities including the Uni’s recent fund raising exercise. He also stated the Uni intended to Appeal the Planning refusal against renewing the Steps and also expressed strong opposition for any suggested alternative cycle route using the Uni service road and that they supported the Lovers Walk proposal.
  • Common Forum – Prof Roger Brown, Chairman of the recently formed new Forum gave an update on the latest position and urged everyone interested to attend the next general meeting on Tue July 4th, PM at Tauntons School. He gave details of a wide public consultation recently held and the proposal to prepare an Options Appraisal for the treatment of The Common, to include the Hawthorns visitor centre.  There is also now an active website for the Forum
  • Little Common – in the absence of Simon Hill, John Bradshaw reported that a letter was being prepared to send to the Council regarding it’s future treatment and ongoing difficulties with present management.
  • Lovers Walk – Prof Brown confirmed the Forum were opposed to current proposals and would be objecting, as were HRA. It was pointed out that HRA had already obtained Legal Opinion from Kings Chambers, which the Council appeared to be ignoring.
  • Reports – Planning; permission has been granted for an Oral Hearing as part of the Judicial Review process for 12 Russell Placr.  A member raised concerns about the Council’s handling of a change of use application for a site in Hilldown Rd;  the Chair undertook to seek an informal legal opinion if the member provided a summary of the issues, mainly concerning Permitted Development Rights and change of Use.  Another member raised concerns about proposals for the Blockbuster site but on balance it was felt the proposals were an improvement on what was already there and HRA were not objecting.
  • X Chair’s Event – an update on numbers and organisation was provided by Bryan Wakely who is coordinating. Would those attending email him with their “American Supper” style contribution.
  • AOB – the Chair reported that The Cowherds were prepared for Park Runners to use the Parking and Toilet facilities of the Pub on Saturday morning provided they sought the permission of the Landlady first. It was also reported there was a spate of car break ins in WinnRd.
  • Date of next meeting – Monday 10th July.

Jerry Gillen, Vice Chair