Buried in Southampton Old Cemetery..

Buried in Southampton Old Cemetery, Percival James Ellaway who met his death on hospital ship Essequibo at just 17 years of age, in 1917.
In the Old Cemetery on the Common.
Percival James Ellaway met his death on the Hospital Ship Essequibo aged just 17. The Essequibo River is near present day Venezuela and Guyana. There was a former British colony in the region.
Built for the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, the Essequibo served as a Hospital Ship during the war. She carried 11 Medical Officers, 16 Nurses and 76 other medical staff. She could cater for 42 Officer casualties, 249 in cots, and 298 in Berths.
The Essequibo was loaned to the Canadian Government in 1917 as one of the five Canadian hospital ships for the transatlantic run. She was searched by U-Boat U54 off Ireland on 15 Mar 1917, confirmed as a Hospital Ship, she was sent on her way.
In 1922 ownership was transferred to Pacific Steam Navigation Company who in turn in sold her to the USSR who renamed her Neva.