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Vice-Chair’s Report of the HRA Committee Meeting of Monday 10 December 2018

* The Vice-Chair introduced Barbara Claridge as a new member to the Committee and thanked her for agreeing to take on the role of Hon Sec. He additionally welcomed members from Heatherdene Road and Orchards Way.

* The Committee heard a presentation by Dr Gil Dekel who is seeking to create greater community involvement from residents and students in the roads directly behind the University/Hartley Library which is part of Highfield. Dr Dekel is to be encouraged to become a member of HRA and to work alongside HRA as many objectives are shared.

Reports –

* Finance – the Vice-Chair reported in the absence of the Treasurer that finances were healthy, although stressed the need to increase the Contingency Fund.

* Membership – Nicolla reported that as a direct result of the recent printed Newsletters there had been an overall increase in membership of circa 50 households.

* Planning – members from Heatherdene Road and Orchards Way asked for the Association’s support in opposing an application to extend an existing HMO on Heatherdene Road to 8 persons from 5, by building a large double height extension onto the side of the house. The Vice-Chair was able to report that HRA’s objection had been accepted by the Council. The application for Lovers’ Walk has now been suspended and will be the subject of a further consultation in conjunction with the new Common Forum. Details had been circulated of a proposed 30-bedroom extension to the Highfield House Hotel which the committee were happy to support.

* Website, Newsletter, Communications – Nadine gave an overview on these related matters and sought a date for a next meeting of the Newsletter Team (post meeting note – Thur 10th Jan). She also expressed the importance for all committee members to accept a fair share of the workload. The Vice-Chair stated he had felt increasingly under pressure of late as a result of not having had an effective Hon Sec for some time, nor the prospect of any replacement for his current role as Acting Chair.

* NORA – the Vice-Chair gave a report on NORA’s recent meeting with the MHCLG at the Home Office and in particular of an attempt to curtail the current “two bites of the cherry” situation where developers can Appeal first the Planning Refusal and then again the Enforcement.

* AOB – the Vice-Chair raised the matter of a 50th Anniversary (or 45th?) celebration of HRA. The Sec reported on an approach she had received regarding a university research project developing a ‘careteam app’. It was agreed to invite Dr Turner to make a presentation at our January meeting. The Vice-Chair gave a report on a controversial development proposal in Sandbanks and the actions being taken by the Sandbanks RA to combat it; the essential message being the need for the financial resources to take on a major developer.

* Date of next meeting – Mon 14th January 2018.

Jerry Gillen, Vice-Chair