Common Sense: Next regular working party – 13th April, 9 am



Next regular working party: 13th April @ 9am —  Meet up opposite 1-5 Highfield Road – near The Lodge.

Come whenever you have time stay as long as you want!

Tasks (depending on who turns up):

  • Stump clearing
  • Clearing rubbish
  •  Final polish (and a moment to admire the new bin – new to us , not new as in shiny )

Encourage your friends to JOIN

Working party schedule : The working parties are scheduled for the 2nd Saturday in the month.Feel free to suggest areas we should focus on next!

If you are a volunteer and do physical work on the common you WILL need to be a member of HRA as this is our umbrella association and the supporter of our public liability insurance – £5 per household per year. .