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E-scooters in Southampton: which ones are legal and which ones are not

The below information has mainly been obtained courtesy of the Southampton City Council website but also from other sources.

Legal e-scooters

Solent Transport and Partners are running a e-scooter rental trial in Southampton until November. These e-scooters, provided by Voi, can be hired legally but they should only be used on roads and cycle lanes and not on pavements or on the motorway. Users need a full or provisional driving licence and should be 18 or over. They will need to scan in their driving licence. These Voi e-scooters are recognisable because of their pinky-red colour. They also have a registration number on the back.  There are docking stations all over the city, including in this area on the University of Southampton Highfield Campus, the Avenue Campus and outside the Trago Lounge in Portswood.

Their maximum speed is 10 miles per hour. There are some slow ride zones such as Portswood Rec, but City Centre parks, Greenways and The Common are no ride  zones. Further information is on the City Council website: https://www.southampton.gov.uk/travel-transport/sustainable-transport/escooters.aspx

To feedback comments on the trial, please email Traffic.OrdersLegal@southampton.gov.uk


Unlawful e-scooters

There has been a rise in these in Southampton. They are often black, but sometimes of other colours, but most are unlikely to have a registration number on the back. Some might also not be insured. They can generally go at faster speeds than the legal e-scooters in the rental trial – see above.

Using privately owned e-scooters on public land, footways and footpaths, even in areas where trials are taking place, is illegal. They can only be used on private land and only with the permission of the land owner.

The police can enforce this rule. Users could face a fine, penalty points on their licence and the e-scooter could be impounded.

Please report illegal e-scooters to the police on either 101 or via the police online portal: https://www.police.uk/pu/contact-the-police/report-a-crime-incident/