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Friends of Portswood Rec have been busy gardening again!

Discussions of weeds and red dead nettles while volunteers were busy gardening at Portswood Rec.
Courtesy of Friends of Portswood Rec.
A few words from Denise:
We were a small but select band yesterday; just the three of us. Rather chilly conditions with occasional brief bursts of sunshine. We started to weed the tennis court border. Plenty of chatting as well as discussion about what constitutes a weed and what doesn’t. We decided to work to the maxim ‘If in doubt, leave it in’. We felt we could always hoik it out at a later stage if necessary. Lots of red dead nettle; a pretty and very common little native plant that attracts bees. Does tend to spread quite enthusiastically if left to it’s own devices…..as does the speedwell.