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October Books online Zoom events for July 2020!

As previously, registration via eventbrite is needed to gain access to the events, but you don’t need a Zoom account.
Register via Eventbrite for instructions to join your ZOOM event. All events are free entry, but if you’d like to give October Books a donation, please do.
Details of all events below:

Sustainable(ish) by Jen Gale

Thursday 2nd July at 7pm

Join Jen Gale via ZOOM to learn how to fit sustainable living into your life, in a way that works for you. Register via eventbrite to attend.

The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide covers every aspect of our lives from the stuff we buy and the food we eat, to how we travel, work, and celebrate. Jen Gale gives practical, down to earth ideas to slot into your daily life, alongside a gentle kick up the butt to put it into action. Learn how to change your impact without radically changing your life and figure out the small steps you can make that will add up to make a big difference.

Jen is ordinary mum of two whose life changed when she cajoled the family into a year of buying nothing new. She recognised the power that we have to make a difference to the things we care about, by learning about the impact of our daily choices, and figuring out easy swaps and changes. Jen lives in Wiltshire where she writes and podcasts about all things Sustainable(ish).

Online Get Together #4 – Bring Your Own Book!

Tuesday 14th July at 7pm

We are having a social evening and you’re all welcome! Register via eventbrite to attend.

This is a book group with a difference! We are asking you to BYOB (Bring Your Own Book… and a bottle if you like!) so we can share inspiration we have found between the pages of our favourite books and raise a glass together.

You do not need to have attended previous Bring Your Own Book events, newbies are very welcome. What are you reading at the moment, and what has it meant to you?

The session will run for 1hr max and we do look forward to seeing you there.

Confessions Of A Non-Violent Revolutionary by Chris Savory

Thursday 16th July at 7pm

Join Chris Savory via ZOOM to hear about his memoir of grassroots political struggle and 80s counterculture!! Register via eventbrite to attend. 

Britain in the 1980s – strikes, the dole, IRA bombings, CND demos, poll tax riots, vegetarian food, radical feminism and an international build-up of weapons guaranteeing ‘mutually-assured destruction’.

Rejecting the privileges that life offers him, Chris Savory seeks to redress wider injustices in society by rejecting future wealth, power and status to follow his ideals. He throws himself into political struggle – living in poverty, sleeping in tents and on floors, braving the mud and cold, surviving on bean stews and wholemeal bread – to the general disapproval of respectable society. His aim? To bring about a non-violent revolution, disarmament and an eco-feminist-socialist utopia!

Chris has spent his whole adult life trying to make the world a better place through protest, local politics, working in the education sector, community campaigns and volunteering for social enterprises.

Improving Immunity: The Gut Brain And Bio-Electric Body by Patricia Worby

Thursday 23rd July at 7pm

Join Patricia Worby via ZOOM to uncover the workings of the ‘gut brain’ and its relation to immunity. Register via eventbrite to attend

The gut is the source of 85% of our immune system which we need to understand in order to be truly healthy. Patricia will talk about the workings of the ‘gut brain’, the microbes that sustain it and how our bio-electric nature enhances communication between ourselves and our environment. She will look at how diet, toxins and stress all contribute to a ‘dysbiosis’ or imbalanced gut which can no longer regulate immunity. She will conclude with how you can heal this relationship with your gut brain and bio-electric body.

Patricia Worby, PhD, is a practitioner of body-oriented (somatic) psychotherapy which releases unprocessed emotion causing a range of medically unexplained symptoms including pain, fatigue and anxiety. Her specialism is in chronic illness especially chronic exhaustive conditions which she believe always have a trauma component at their core. This is the subject of her PhD thesis and books ‘The Scar that Won’t Heal’ and ‘The World Within’.