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SCC E-Scooter trial to begin Thursday 18 March 2021

SCC E-Scooter Trial to begin on Thursday 18 March

A trial of rental e-scooters will begin in part of the city, which includes Highfield, from 18 March 2021.  The Swedish company operating the scheme is Voi Technology.  The trial is part of a Government initiative to allow people in cities to access a sustainable and socially distanced mode of travel.  Initial focus will be on Key Workers, for example hospital employees, although anyone over the age of 18 with a full or provisional driving licence will be able to hire and use an e-scooter.  Parents are not allowed to hire an e-scooter for their children to use.  This mode of transport will be ideal for short journeys or commutes offering greener and healthier alternatives to the car.

As we understand it:

·      Safety features include: bells, lights, reflectors, unique identification plates, kick stands, an on-line training school and the wearing of helmets is strongly advised

·      Rental e-scooters can ride on the same road spaces as bikes, including roads, cycle lanes and cycleways, across the Common and Lovers Walk. They will automatically stop if taken onto paths that are not designated cycle paths or “off road”

·      Rental e-scooters are forbidden from using pavements or motorways and are not recommended for roads where the speed limit is > 30 mph

·      You must not use a mobile phone whilst using an e-scooter – although the scooters are unlocked with a mobile phone app which provides a real time map of your location and the different scheme zones (no go areas, slow speed areas, scooter parking zones etc. and scooters have a phone holder on the handlebars)

·      You must not use an e-scooter drunk or intoxicated as you can be prosecuted

·      E-scooters are tracked by GPS

·      There will be mandatory parking areas (10 scooters can be parked in the same space as one car)

·      Geofenced areas will be created using advanced technology which will include slow riding limiters (for example there will be an automatically applied 5mph limit within the Common), no riding zones and mandatory parking areas. They are not allowed in other city parks.

·      A similar Voi e-scooter rental scheme will begin in Portsmouth on 16 March


Privately owned e-scooters

·      Privately-owned and unregulated e-scooters are not part of the trial

·      It is illegal to ride privately-owned scooters on roads, pavements or cycleways including the Common, or in any public space.  Members of the public who observe such riding are advised to contact the police using the non-emergency number 101 or Report Online


Both council and the operators welcome feedback from the public and stakeholders throughout the trial.


SCC News Article https://www.southampton.gov.uk/news/article.aspx?id=tcm:63-440675


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