The story behind the ‘Tommy – Lest we forget’ photo on the About Us page

The Tommy silhouette was put up by Graham and Sam Johnson in the front garden of their house in Brookvale Road. This is what Graham says about the reason behind it:

I had a personal interest in putting up a ‘Tommy’, as back in 2002 I discovered a Grandfather I’d never heard of, and that he had died in the Somme. I was visiting a cousin who I hadn’t seen for some time, and while looking at photos, out fell a picture of a young man and a woman. I recognised the lady as my Granny Hooks. My cousin told me the man was Grandfather Frederick Johnson, who had died on 3rd July 1916. I grew up not knowing that my Grandmother had remarried, and my father, who was only four in 1916, never talked about his Dad. So I grew up not knowing anything about Grandfather Johnson, even though his name is in the memorials at my home town, Wisbech, and at Thiepval. He has no known grave.

I did a lot of research, and decided to visit the site where he emerged from the trenches to attack Ovillers. My son drove us, but in Kent we stopped in a jam, the car behind didn’t, and we had a double shunt. End of trip! I have yet to get over there. My son had made the cross with a carved poppy that you can see in the photo, intending to leave it at Ovillers.

I hope to visit the battlefields as I only have the photo, one postcard from him, and a newspaper report on his death. See below.

Graham and Sam Johnson