Vice-Chair’s Report of HRA Committee Meeting of Monday 12 November 2018

Vice-Chair’s Report of HRA Committee Meeting of Monday 12 November 2018

The Chair opened the meeting by expressing concern that he was without support from either a Secretary or Minute Sec for tonight’s meeting and thanked Nicolla Martin for standing in. He also reminded members that we still needed a new Chairman and he would not be able to continue in this position indefinitely.

* Matters arising: there is now a revised application for reinstatement of the wall and driveway to 10 Oakmount Ave. JG has agreed to attend tomorrow’s Panel meeting with the Applicant and formally withdraw HRA’s previous objections as this has had to go to Panel

* University: Jon Walsh gave his usual comprehensive summary of current activities, including …there will be a partial closure of University Road for road works, so best avoided. He has had a meeting with SCAPPS and the Council over the treatment of Salisbury Rd where it abuts The Common. There will be a Clean Air presentation in Building 32 on 12th December between 2.00 -4.00 PM. There is a planning application pending for a new multi storey car park in Hampton Park.

* Finance: the Treasurer reported that finances were healthy.

* Membership: stands at 470 households. There was discussion as to how we could increase our membership, suggestions being; placing posters in windows of businesses who are part of our discount scheme and having a stand in Waitrose. It was noted that a hard copy Newsletter always brought in new members. The results of some of our previous Social Events were discussed in the context of increasing membership and raising HRA’s profile and it was suggested we might put on a combined event with PRG this coming summer.

* Planning: there is a contentious application to double the size of an existing HMO in Heatherdene Rd but the date for objections has passed. JG to make contact with a neighbour. There remains a question as to whether any Enforcement has yet been taken against 5 Crofton Close; Cllr Claisse to follow up. There was dismay that Landlords ‘To Let’ signs were once again proliferating, contrary to Council policy; Cllr Claisse stated he was unable to obtain any meaningful response from the Enforcement Team on the matter. JG stated he had now made formal complaint to Stephen Harrison about the lack of action over 8 Westridge Rd.

* Website: Nadine reported progress was being made to update pages to enable them to be read on mobile devices.

* Newsletter: the first hard copy Newsletter we have produced, apart from the annual pre AGM notification edition, for some time is at the Printers and would be distributed by the Street Reps following. JG pointed out the next one would need to be in March to advertise next year’s AGM in April. JG thanked Nadine, Stephen (absent) and Nicolla for all their hard work and input. It was agreed to have a subcommittee meeting to review the current Newsletter once there had been time for people to comment.

* Constitution: a query had arisen over qualification for membership. JG pointed out it had been amended in April 03 to allow people “who shared the Association’s aims and objectives” to also join if they were out of our immediate area, although this sentence was a little ambiguous. This will be reviewed.

AOB: JG pointed out that the Associations 50th Anniversary was only three years away and thought should be given to marking this major milestone. Nick Bacon asked why there was no enforcement action against the unauthorised S/H Car sales on the old Blockbuster site; the reason is they have appealed and we have to await the outcome which could be some months away. It was pointed out that the old Care Home on the corner of Brookvale & Westwood Rd, has erected a 2 foot wooden fence on top of the existing brick wall. Totally out of keeping and far too high. AGM: the date has been brought forward to Thursday 11th April due to Easter being the following week

The meeting closed at 8.55 pm.

Jerry Gillen, Vice-Chair