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Vice Chair’s Report of HRA Committee Meeting of Monday 8th October 2018

Vice Chair’s Report of HRA Committee Meeting of Monday 8th October 2018

  • The Chair welcomed everyone, including Ward Councillors Mathew Claisse & John Savage
  • There were no matter arising from the previous meeting’s minutes
  • University Liaison – Sarah Watts gave an update on University affairs and presented details of a new recycling scheme to encourage students to recycle correctly. To aid this the Uni is distributing dedicated recycling bags for each student household and a number were handed out to members.  SW announced that Southampton Uni was now in the top 20 for the UK and top 100 in the world rankings.  The current Vice Chancellor is to retire and a new one is being sought.  Salisbury Road is to be resurfaced and will be closed until January.  The SU Nightclub, The Cube, no longer operates, hence the withdrawal of the Marshalling scheme.
  • Finance – the Chair emphasised the need to find a new Treasurer asap due to the indisposition of both the Association’s accountant and our Asst Treasurer. Discussion took place about the possibility of sharing the workload.  The Chair hoped we might find new volunteers when the pre Xmas Newsletter goes out for both a new Treasurer and Chairman?!!.
  • Membership – now stands at 470 households
  • Planning – in the absence of the Secretary the Chair presented her report on a number of outstanding applications. (for details see website).   JG also asked both Ward Councillors for help in ascertaining the latest position for a number of long outstanding Enforcements;  g. 5 Crofton, 8 Westridge, 12 Russell Place, all the subject of recent legal actions having to be brought by the Association.
  • Website – Nadine reported it is being upgraded for access by Mobiles and Tablets.
  • Newsletter – A pre Xmas edition is being prepared for the first time in some years and is being collated by Steve Johnson, Nadine and Nicolla. Articles and suggestions welcomed.  An article from the Uni will be sought.
  • AOB – the Chair reminded members of the NS Community Forum AGM being held next week, Wed 17th Oct, at the Highfield House Hotel which is being attended by a Senior member of the Planning Team, as well as other Speakers. The Library will be closed for refurbishment from 29th Oct  – 17th  The dangers of traffic at the southern end The Avenue was raised following another fatal accident.
  • Date of next meeting – Monday 12th November
  • Meeting closed at 8.45 PM.

Jerry Gillen, Vice Chair