Vice-Chair’s Report of HRA Committee Meeting of Monday 9th July 2018

Vice Chair’s Report of HRA Committee Meeting of Monday 9th July 2018

* The Chair welcomed visitors from East Bassett RA (EBRA) and reps from The Students Union and University

* There were no matters arising not covered later.

* University – the University Estates Dept gave an hour long presentation of the proposed major developments and improvements to be made to Highfield Campus. This was followed by a Q&A session, more details of which will be in the minutes. This was followed by Jon Walsh and the SU reps raising matters of normal domestic concern.

* Finance – finances were reported as healthy although the Chair again emphasised the need to top up our Contingency fund.

* Planning – reference was made to the application before the Planning Panel the following night for 18 Grosvenor Rd, at which HRA would not be formally attending, given it’s previous representations. Elina from Granby Grove reported on the amended plans for an extension adjacent to her property and accepted the slight improvement. There was discussion on the recent emails received from the Head of Planning and the Association’s Barrister in relation to a number of long outstanding planning issues both in the HRA and adjacent RA areas. It was reported that robust action was now being taken in every case and the committee welcomed the apparent thaw in relations between the Association and the Planning Dept. Roger Brown paid tribute to the efforts of all involved and gave particular thanks to Cllr Savage for his recent assistance, as with Michael Rudd of Kings Chambers. The issue of more properties being converted to the Airbnb format for letting was again raised and the Chair reported he would be in contact with Gavin Grayer of Enforcement over the matter. The Council’s current position seemed to be that there was no need for any action. JG would also be following this up with both the DCLG and NORA. There was a question over the LA’s latest position on the Lovers Walk application. G Linneker of SCAPPS stated that it should be withdrawn, rather than simply left in abeyance.

* AOB – there was no other business of note.

Jerry Gillen, Vice-Chair