Vice-Chair’s Report of the HRA Committee Meeting of Monday 11th June 2018

Vice Chair’s Report of the HRA Committee Meeting of Monday 11th June 2018

* The Chair welcomed our newly elected Ward Councillor, Lisa Mitchell, and Ken Burtenshaw who is joining the Committee.

* Matters arising are carried forward to this Agenda.

* University Liaison – Jon Walsh gave a report on current activities. He reported there would be road closures in Church Lane and University Road on 28/29th June. There would also be an exhibition of the University’s plans for a major development of the Highfield Campus for two days and a presentation would be made to the HRA Committee at the July meeting (details to appear on our website).

* Finance – the Treasurer was unavailable. Jerry Gillen (JG) mentioned the legal fee for Kings Chambers which including VAT, was £720.

* Membership – total Households 470.

* Planning – outstanding Planning applications were discussed. JG stated we were awaiting further advice from Michael Rudd re 8 Westridge Rd. (post meeting note: this advice arrived Tuesday am) and Jerry and Tom O’Connor are to meet the Case Officer over a PRG application.

* Website – Nadine reported that the General Data Protection Regulation had been implemented by the deadline date of 25/5/18 and, moving forwards, new members and also existing members when renewing would be asked for their consent for the HRA to store, manage and use their personal data. This would happen at each new application and renewal. Nadine also reported that Nicolla Martin, Membership Secretary, had done a huge amount of work to implement procedures at the coalface and deserved a round of applause, which was duly given. The HRA’s Data Protection Policy is now on the website.

Nadine to circulate details of the University consultation and put a link on website.

* AOB – JG reported he had received an invitation to attend a meeting with the remaining EBRA committee shortly, with a view to encouraging their continuation. He reported further approaches from an ‘Airbnb’ type of organisation seeking to convert HMOs to this format. Both Ward Councillors to advise the LA and MP accordingly.

* Date of next meeting – Monday 9th July.

Vice-Chair, Jerry Gillen