Vice Chair’s Report of the HRA Committee Meeting of Monday 14th May 2018

Vice Chair’s Report of the HRA Committee Meeting of Monday 14th May 2018

The Chair opened the meeting which was also attended by a Guest from Thornbury Ave RA.

There were no maters arising from the previous meeting. (not attended by JG)

University – Jon Walsh gave a comprehensive report on current activities as far as they affected HRA’s area.  This included an update on The Steps from Lovers Walk to the campus, which still have work to be carried out before they are finished; the future of the old Style Pub, now closed and subject of a Community Asset application; a retro Planning application to retain fencing installed at the wrong height; and confirming the Uni’s position that there has never been a RoW along the Service Rd, which remains closed until 6.00 PM each day.

Data Protection Policy – Nadine gave a presentation on the legal requirement  for HRA to have such a policy and reported on the final document following final amendments.  This was put to the committee for approval and was adopted unanimously.

Finance – the Treasurer reported on the accounts and finances are healthy although we remain some £4,000 short in our Contingency Fund.  JG expressed his gratitude for an additional £1,000 we had just  received from a PRG member.  The Treasurer agreed to make a Community Chest bid to cover our annual meeting costs;  JG to obtain a pro forma invoice from the hotel to support the application.

Membership – now stand at 470 households in total.

Planning –  in the absence of our Planning member, JG mentioned recent applications in the  “Battle Roads” but these remained to be considered.   He made reference to two long outstanding cases;  5 Crofton Close and 8 Westridge Rd and the committee agreed to take advice from Kings Chambers on what more could be done to try and finally resolve these cases.  Adrian Vinson also asked for support in opposing 18 Grosvenor Rd, which can best be described a “a folly”!  A member from Granby Grove asked for support in opposing an application to her adjacent property and JG undertook to assist.  (post meeting note:  JG has sent objection letters for both)

AOB –  the Chair reported on the recent sad loss of Jean Wawman, long time Chair of EBRA.  He plus another member of the committee will be attending her funeral on Friday (details already circulated) as official reps of HRA and the NSCF.

Jerry Gillen, Vice Chair