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Latest news: 20 mph Community Requests

20 mph Community Requests
The latest news on 20 mph Community requests came out on Wednesday 16 February. In total, 47 street or area requests were received which have been consolidated into 14 areas. These 14 areas will be individually consulted over the next 2 years, through to end 2023.
The estimated Consultation dates for Highfield and Portswood are below. Requests for further areas will be opened up later this year.
Portswood and Highfield North – Autumn 2022 (alongside TCF Programme*)
Portswood and Highfield South – Summer 2023 (alongside TCF Porgramme*)
*TCF: Transforming Cities Fund Programme for all active travel zones in the City. These zones will include 20 mph speed limits and physical speed reduction measures.
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