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Local elections on Thursday, 6th May: arrangements for those voting in person

Local elections are going ahead and 16 seats will be contested on May 6th in Southampton. Here in Portswood Ward, the Labour party candidate John Savage is seeking another four years in office. Standing against him are Katherine Barbour for the Green Party, Calvin Smith for the Conservative Party, James Read for the Liberal Democrats and Tony Twine for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition.
There are also elections for the Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner role for the Hampshire Police Force area.
The deadline to register to vote and to apply for a postal vote has now, unfortunately, passed but if you are already registered it is not too late to apply for a proxy vote (appointing someone you trust to vote on your behalf). Apply online

Here are the arrangements for those who choose to vote in person.

The following is courtesy of Southampton City Council:

Arrangements will be in place to help ensure polling stations are COVID-19 safe – watch this film to find out more. Many of the measures will be familiar to voters, as they have been in place for some months in shops and banks, such as social distancing, use of hand sanitiser and face coverings (unless exempt). Voters can bring their own pencil or pen.

For more information visit the Southampton City Council website.