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Ways in which you can try and make your house less appealing…

Just a few suggestions, ‘off the top of her head’, from our WhatsApp Group Co-ordinator:

-Cctv: although expensive and hard to manage if people are more elderly, perhaps in this case dummy cameras could help;
– keep the front and rear (and sides) of the house well maintained. This does not involve any major landscaping but just keep bushes / trees low and trimmed; pathways clear;  windows and doors door easily visible. If residents are elderly then a regular gardener could help here with just some regular maintenance rather than full cutting back;
– close curtains in the evening, especially when lights are on;
– good lighting such as porch lights, PIR lights which are so effective and not expensive;
– lock doors and windows. If doors come with a double lock then use this when leaving the house and put the lock on when going to bed. A standard lock that locks as you close the door is not always enough.

In all cases, if you think you are a victim, call 999 straightaway. Never try and confront or chase, or try and take a photo first – just call 999 immediately!