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One of our followers is looking for a gardener. See a couple of the responses received on F/Book

We have received the following message from one of our followers. She has tried News Life Garden Services but they are fully booked. Has anyone got any other gardener recommendations? Carolyn’s message is below:
“Hello! Hoping someone can help with recommendations for a gardener, for my parents who live in Westbourne Crescent? My parents are open to whether weekly, monthly, or somewhere in between. We’ve contacted New Life Garden Services but unfortunately they’re fully booked and not taking new customers. Thank you for your help and suggestions! Carolyn. — looking for recommendations.”

Here are some of the responses received on Facebook:

Contact Southampton Mencap in Portswood they have a group that do simple gardening tasks supported by keen amateur gardeneners. Sure they would be willing to help out.
Do message https://www.facebook.com/swoopcity (Two Owlies) and explain what you need,they’re not professional gardeners but they know how to mow a lawn and hold a pair of secatuers (but they can’t spell them! 🙄) 😉