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Buy extra items for the food banks when you shop at October Books, and they will deliver them!

In these cold times, here is a message from October Books about buying an extra item for the food banks when you shop with them which they will deliver:
“Shopping with us? Help those in need whilst you’re here!
When lockdown began back in March 2020 we encouraged our lovely customers to purchase an extra item from our food and household shelves for us to deliver to our local food banks. And you listened! We have delivered your items on a weekly basis for the duration of these strangest of times.
As the weather gets colder, the financial effects of the pandemic continue to take their toll on many people in our city, often resulting in vulnerable people having to choose between heating and eating.
So next time you’re in the shop (or shopping with us online), please consider adding 1 extra item to your basket and leaving it with us. We’ll do the rest! Your generosity is appreciated by all of us here at OB, and gratefully received by those who visit the food banks. Thank you…”