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FOSOC have been focusing on remarkable women of Southampton Old Cemetery, to mark International Women’s Week. What a good idea!

For the next few days of this year’s International Women’s Week, we are honouring the memory of remarkable women of the Southampton Old Cemetery.
Janie Terrero (1854-1944)
Janie was a militant suffragette who, as the Hon. Secretary of the Women’s Social & Political Union (WSPU), was imprisoned and force-fed (for which she received the WSPU’s Hunger Strike Medal).
She later wrote an account of her prison experiences of 1912 (four months): “I was in close confinement for twelve days, was in two hunger strikes & was forcibly fed in April & again in June.
To those who intend to be actively militant, I want to say this; you cannot imagine how strong you feel in prison. The Government may take your liberty from you & lock you up, but they cannot imprison your spirit. The only one thing the Government really fears is the hunger strike. They fear it not because of our pain & suffering, but because it damages their majorities.
How strong that weapon made us feel. If they had only dared, they would have put us in a lethal chamber. Some people wonder at the courage of our women, but I believe physical courage is a common human attribute, & I do not see why women should possess it in a lesser degree than men.”