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Looking south along Portswood Road (towards Portswood) around 1918

Courtesy of William Burns from Southampton Sotonians and Friends:
A while back, we had a view looking north along Portswood Road, around 1917. This time, we are looking south along Portswood Road (towards Portswood) around 1918. Quite a story.
Portswood Road
Good folk in Portswood Road
This view is looking south along Portswood Road around 1918 (towards Portswood), the turning on the right is Bowden Lane, we note two WWI patriotic billboards on the left hand side.
In between those billboards we see the original tin church of ‘The Immaculate Conception’. The land for the Catholic church was purchased in 1909 and the old tin church remained for a while whilst the new brick built church of the same name was constructed in 1955 alongside the tin church.
The second Billboard seen is on the grocer’s shop of Charles Robert Dorey on the corner of Kent Road, today folk will know that building as Big George’s Fish Bar.
The white building we see a little further along at this time was the ‘Gospel Mission Hall’ which dated back to the 1880’s when it was used as the ‘Bible Christian Chapel’. By 1931 this building was being used by the ‘Independent Order of Rechabites’ (IOR), a friendly society that had its members sign the pledge (no alcohol), difficult to save money with the (IOR) whilst a slave to the demon drink eh! 🙂 In its final years the building was used as a Cash and Carry, flats stand on the site today.
There was no problem back then with increasing petrol prices as a bicycle, horse drawn wagon and electric tram make up the centre of the image.