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The New Inn, Portswood Road – a historical journey

The New Inn – Portswood Road.
Williams Burns, from Southampton Sotonians and Friends, takes a historical journey.
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Southampton Pubs and their Landlords
The New Inn – Portswood Road
The first image is of ‘The Newlands’ public house at 597 Portswood Road, a pub that myself and younger brother visited on our Friday night walk to Portswood, a pub where we would partake in a few games of darts or pool. A glass of my brothers home brew beer was a good start before we set off on that arduous journey along Portswood Road with so many pubs to negotiate that once lay along that stretch of road 😉
The Newlands pub was the second pub on this site the first was the ‘New Inn’ the pub of which is said by the late Tony Gallaher a great researcher into our old pubs, to date back to 1803 when David Churcher was the Landlord.
However we can date this pub even earlier with a landlord to at least 1801 which is when we see the landlord is Mr. John Jenn.
John Jenn was a shipwright from Redbridge who at the age of 21 married a local lass by the name of Jennifer Holloway way back in 1796, this would make John’s date of birth around 1775.
John appears to have been proud of his trade as he still advertises himself as a boat builder whilst being the landlord of the New Inn in Portswood Road in 1811.
Trams on the Portswood road would be over 60 years away, so folk had to rely on their own horses or perhaps the over crowed horse drawn busses which operated on the Portswood Road, or perhaps even walk to this new pub. So, it is not surprising that John wanted to keep his work options open when the landlord of a new pub on the Portswood Road. Sadly John died in the February of 1813 aged just 38.
Image 2: A section of map from 1892-1914 shows the New Inn (PH) coloured red, sitting in Portswood Road before Kitchener Road was laid out in the Nursery Grounds to its northern side.