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A fascinating walk by the old Ford factory

A fascinating walk by the old Ford factory.
These last few weeks have meant that I have explored our local area on foot and as a consequence have made some pleasant and interesting discoveries. I always try to have my daily hour of exercise in quiet places away from others and to get in as many as possible of my daily 10 000 steps. Yesterday as it was a Bank Holiday I decided to walk along Wide Lane and through the old Ford Transit factory site. I usually travel along this road in my car or on the Unilink airport bus. Yesterday walking along meant I saw things that ordinarily you miss as you speed by.
As I walked along by the old Ford Factory I noticed these panels meant to represent the grill of the Transit van. Each had a verb cut in them to represent something that went on at the site and on their stand, painted yellow as was the equipment in the factory, was an explanation. I then came across the little recess with tables and two playback machines telling the oral history of the people associated with the site.
If you are ever that way do take a look.