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A message for us all – safeguard the Marwell Zoo Zany Zebras in Southampton

Goodmane Zebra

We need your help!

The message below comes courtesy of Southampton City Council and is destined to all in the Licence Trade. However, it is really a message to us all to safeguard these beautiful sculptures……….

Many of you will have seen in the local media that the distinctive Marwell Zoo Zany Zebras placed across the city have been subjected to criminal damage and theft since they have been in place.

An incident mapping process has shown that many of the attacked zebras are in close proximity to licensed premises, so we are calling on responsible licensees to keep watchful eyes over the zebra project and take action if you see ‘foul play’.

Kirstie Mathieson, Marwell’s Zany Zebra Project Manager said – Marwell’s Zany Zebras is a unique, community based project appealing to children and adults alike.

It’s delighting and bringing smiles to residents and visitors and attracting hundreds of thousands of trail-goers into our city which is having a positive impact on the economy and showcasing Southampton’s offer locally, nationally and internationally. It’s in all of our interests to show our great city in a positive light.

Ultimately, the plan is to sell the sculptures at auction to raise funds for Marwell Wildlife’s conservation programmes, however the project has recently been marred by a spate of vandalism.

Marwell would really appreciate it if all those in the licensed trade could keep an eye (and an ear out) for any untoward behaviour towards these fantastic sculptures and gently intervene to discourage it. The vandalism to date has not been done by one person.

Damage is not only being caused by vandals. People jumping and climbing on the sculptures is a growing issue. The artwork is being badly scratched and in more serious cases the structure of the sculpture itself is being damaged.

If you see anyone attempting to climb on them please kindly ask them not to do so.

Marwell’s hotline should you need to report anything is 01962 770 503.

Thank you for supporting this fantastic project in the city and making the event a HUGE success.”

A reminder that if a crime is in progress, please consider calling 999 or making use of the ‘Whiskey One’ radio, where applicable to report offenders to the CCTV control room.

Thank you in anticipation,

PC Alex Boucouvalas