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Caroline Knight, Newsletter Editor

Some of you might not know that Caroline Knight, our Newsletter Editor, left Highfield nearly 4 years ago but is still doing a fantastic job of putting the HRA Newsletter together, pending someone being found willing to take it over!

Caroline was Secretary of the HRA for 7 years and contributed hugely to the evolution of the Association. Additionally, until recently she still operated the email database of members which she and her husband Tony set up for the HRA a couple of years ago when she had already left Southampton! This is professionalism and dedication indeed!

The HRA relies heavily on a few key people to manage its business and activities. Caroline has made an exceptional contribution and the HRA has been very lucky to have her. Now you can read about her life in her Profile below.

Profile of Caroline Knight, HRA Newsletter Editor

My childhood was fairly nomadic because my father was in the Royal Artillery. However, I think of Salisbury as my home town as I went to school there. After a variety of jobs, and time spent in the USA, I came to Southampton in 1971 to study Radiography. I worked in Oncology Services for most of my career. It was there that I met my husband and, although we did move to Stoke on Trent for a couple of years, we returned to Southampton when he became a GP.

We lived in Highfield for over 30 years and brought up our 4 children there. In 1989, I enrolled at Southampton University as a mature student to read English. Following that, I did a post graduate qualification in Cancer Health Education and returned to Oncology, albeit as a much better read Radiographer!  I went on to become Quality Manager for Radiotherapy and from there became Service Improvement Lead for Oncology Services. I did some work with Professor Mike Richards who was the ‘Cancer Tsar’, and also worked for the Department of Health as a Consultant on HRG codes.

I ‘retired’ when my first grandchild came along as my daughter was also studying English at Southampton and I was needed for child care. At the same time, I also took over the administration of my husband’s business which I still do, but with the elevated title of managing director. I took up silver smithing and can knock out a pretty decent piece of jewellery. I do a bit of voluntary work at the Macmillan Centre and also belong to a writing group.

I was Secretary to the HRA for 7 years and, although we moved away from Highfield nearly 4 years ago, I am still putting the HRA Newsletter together pending finding someone willing to take over.