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More on Southampton trams

More on Southampton’s trams. Bevois Mount History Southampton 5 hrs · Tram tracks being laid at Stag Gates.
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A family at the end of Lovers’ Walk – c1900

Lovers’ Walk – circa 1900. Keith Willsher Southampton history photos 29 April at 14:11 · A family at the end of lovers walk c1900
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1966 – The Queen at the University of Southampton

1966 – the world has changed beyond belief since then. SEE Southampton 29 April at 19:55 · The Queen at the University of Southampton in 1966.
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An evolution in buses going past the old Lloyds Bank building, Portswood

An evolution in buses. What bus company is serving this route today? SEE Southampton 30 April at 13:21 · Corner of Highfield Lane and Portswood Road
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A very distinctive pink parasol – in front of the Cowherds!

Yes, a very distinctive pink parasol indeed! Bevois Mount History Southampton Yesterday at 10:35 · Lovely pink parasol in this summery picture of the Cowherds.
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A great celebration on The Common of all the Corporation horses for the annual parade – late 1800s

Pilates with Hilary. Used to be at Portswood Residents’ Gardens Pavilion. Now on Skype!!
Pilates with Hilary
29 April at 21:38 · Public
Due to the covid virus I’m now doing all classes on line. AM and PM classes available. Why not try a free class? Please message me for details.

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Wendy Stokes’ fascinating ‘A walk up The Avenue Part 3’

A Walk Up the Avenue part three Before we leave Lodge Road behind let’s take a loving look at the latest piece of street furniture to appear This welcome sign – commissioned by Bevois Mount History with support from Southampton City Council – commemorates the Stag Gates that at one time stood at the entrance to the Bevois Mount Estate. 2019 is the centenary of the demolition of...
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