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The ornamental lake on The Common long ago…

Yes, very different from now! SEE Southampton Yesterday at 14:16 · The ornamental lake on the Common.
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Children at a military camp on The Common

Around the 1900s? Bevois Mount History Southampton Yesterday at 09:33 · These children were finding a military camp on their Common a bit of a novelty.
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The first buildings on the Highfield Campus!

The first buildings on the Highfield Campus! SEE Southampton Yesterday at 09:23 · The beginnings of the @unisouthampton on Highfield Campus. This postcard shows the first buildings on the Campus acquired by the University early in the 20th century. Find out more in this blog post: …universityofsouthampton.wordpress.com/2015/09/28/the…
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The entrance to Southampton Zoo!

Wow – never seen this photo before! Bevois Mount History Southampton 11 hrs · The entrance to the old zoo. Yes, definitely a bit strange….
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Tram going down the Avenue

Yes, definitely a bit strange…. SEE Southampton 16 hrs · This picture of a tram in the Avenue always puzzles me. Why are the people walking alongside it rather than on it or are they getting on or off the tram?
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A veritable tram ticket!

Portswood Junction, Winn Road, Highfield Road, Bassett, Swaything – all there. SEE Southampton Yesterday at 09:21 · A Southampton Corporation Tramways ticket.
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More on Southampton trams

More on Southampton’s trams. Bevois Mount History Southampton 5 hrs · Tram tracks being laid at Stag Gates.
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A family at the end of Lovers’ Walk – c1900

Lovers’ Walk – circa 1900. Keith Willsher Southampton history photos 29 April at 14:11 · A family at the end of lovers walk c1900
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