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Licensing of HMOs should not be separate from granting of planning permission. Warwick District Council is consulting on linking these together

Dear all, It’s been a particular bone of contention among members of the Lobby that licensing of HMOs is quite separate from the granting of planning permission, in England and Wales.  It can lead to a situation where a HMO quite legitimately has a licence – but does not have planning permission, indeed could be refused permission!  In Scotland and Northern Ireland, however, a HMO...
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Permitted development rights legal challenge rejected – what this means for extenders

This is a very current and topical matter and it is interesting to see that the RCA are intending to Appeal the decision…watch this space?! 18 November 2020 PERMITTED DEVELOPMENT RIGHTS LEGAL CHALLENGE REJECTED – WHAT THIS MEANS FOR EXTENDERS This ruling means that, under Permitted Development, extenders can push ahead with extending up by two storeys A legal challenge to new Permitted...
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Ministers will overhaul controversial planning system changes to decide where to build thousands of new homes

Ministers will overhaul controversial planning system changes after Tory revolt over use of algorithm to decide where to build thousands of new homes Theresa May said the algorithm ‘flies in the face’ of Conservative levelling-up She said more homes need to be built but called for a new planning system System is now being ‘rebalanced’ to prioritise home construction in...
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Responses to the MHCLG Planning Consultations and HoC Enquiry into the Planning System

A big ‘thank you’ to NORA, the National Organisation of Residents’ Associations! Now that the above have been lodged, a big to the NORA Committee, especially Zofia Lovell, Alan Shrank and Jerry Gillen and all those NORA members who helped in the drafting of the above documents and who also submitted their own responses. 📄The NORA Response to the Planning for the Future...
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The National Organisation of Residents’ Associations Newsletter

Some interesting articles on the latest Government Planning proposals here which  could help with Consultations that HRA and others are involved in:  
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