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Chair’s Blog – 9 June 2015


hra-logo-smallThe HRA Committee met on 8th June. This is a summary of the main points. The approved minutes will appear on the website in due course.
  • The minutes of the  meeting on 11th May were approved.
  • Under Matters Arising, it was noted that there was insufficient support from residents of Roselands Gardens for a change to a one hour limited waiting parking provision.
  • The committee agreed to co-opt Adrian Vinson to look after planning issues and Steven Johnston to handle environmental liaison.
  • The committee received a report from the City Council about the infestation of rats on and near the northern end of the Common. We were encouraged by the Council’s determination to take effective action both against the rats and against the individual who has been feeding them. We expressed our strong support for these actions and asked for an update when one was available. We noted also that clearance of more areas of the Common would help against the rats as well as being desirable in its own right for many reasons.
  • The Committee noted the success of the new website linked to the email database. There had so far been nearly 2000 ‘hits’ with the great majority coming from new viewers. The printed Newsletter will continue as long as funds permit.
  • The committee agreed that we should write to protest at the proposed closure of the Portswood branch of  Lloyds Bank, following the loss of HSBC and Barclays.
  • The committee considered various planning matters. HRA’s comments on the appeal at 13, Grosvenor Road had been sent to the Inspector. Both HRA and Portswood Residents Gardens would be objecting to the proposed conversion of the garage at 7, Russell Place into a two-bedroom dwelling; we would also be investigating the status of 9, Russell Place. It was agreed to raise with the Council the (very) apparent overdevelopment of a house in Chamberlain Road to which a Lawful Development Certificate had been issued. The committee agreed to consider changes to the current HRA planning guidelines at the next meeting.
  • Jerry Gillen informed the committee of the valuable work of the  National Organisation of Residents Associations, of which HRA and many local associations were members.
  • Finally, Councillor Linda Norris, in her capacity as Mayor of Southampton, drew the committee’s attention to the Mayor’s charities and the programme of fundraising events, details of which will also be posted on the website.

Roger Brown, Chair HRA