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EU Debate Monday 21st March at 10 am, Awaaz FM Community Radio

Awaaz FM Community Radio will be hosting a series of debates with prominent
people from across the South on the In/Out Referendum – the great EU Debate
– and we are looking for people to join us in the audience to ask questions
to our panel.

The first debate will be between Alan Whitehead MP and Royston Smith MP on
Monday 21st March at 10am. This will be an hour long debate similar to that
held on BBC Question Time. The debate will be held at Awaaz FM Studios and
go Live on the radio. Remember – Awaaz is now broadcasting on DAB digital
across South Hampshire as well as online at www.awaazfm.co.uk

Do you want to be in the audience? Do you have questions you would like to
ask? Are you with the IN campaign or the OUT campaign?

Get in touch and let us know today!

**** Join us for the Debate ****

Kind Regards,

Ali Beg, Awaaz FM Community Radio, Southampton