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Girl attacked by dog on Southampton Common

Courtesy of the Daily Echo: 16 hrs ago / Leanne Sheill, Reporter

A MUM was left shocked after a dog attacked her daughter at Southampton Common and “no-one seemed to care”.

Seven-year-old Lily Burbridge was playing with a friend at Southampton Common during Race for Life on July 3 and the dog bit her.

Lily was left with a puncture wound, scratches, and bruising, and has been given antibiotics and a bandage as a result of her injuries.

Her mum Sarah, 31, told the Daily Echo that her daughter deserves an apology for the incident.

She said: “The thing that shocked me the most was that so many people saw the incident and no-one seemed to care.

“A child deserves more than that and I would really like an apology from the owners.

“I would also like to spread awareness to prevent an incident like this from happening again.”

After the attack the man was said to have come up to the family smiling and the woman stated that the dog “hadn’t done anything like this before”.

The couple quickly left as Lily was being examined by paramedics.

The dogs breed is said to resemble a Weimaraner and it was on a lead at the time of the attack.

Sarah reported the incident to the police the day after the attack.

Hampshire Constabulary said that they received a report on July 4 of a seven-year-old girl being bitten on her arm by a dog at Southampton Common.

Their statement said: “The incident happened between 8.15am and 8.45am on July 3.

“The report states that the dog was on a lead which was being held by a man.

“The girl suffered a puncture wound to the top of her arm and was treated at the scene by paramedics.”

Lily’s arm is bandaged and she is taking antibiotics for the bite – she had to miss P.E. and playtimes this week as a result of her injuries.

Anyone with information can call 101 and quote reference number 44160248124.