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HRA Chair’s Blog of the HRA Committee Meeting of 8 February 2016

HRA Chair’s Blog of the HRA Committee Meeting,8 February 2016.

The HRA Committee met on 8th February. This is a summary of the main points. The approved Minutes will appear on the website in due course.

  • The minutes of the meeting on 11th January were approved.
  • It was agreed to follow up communications with the police to establish the current position on community liaison.
  • The Committee endorsed the proposal for a social event on Friday 1st July. It will take the form of a tapas and paella evening at the Highfield House Hotel. With a small subsidy, the cost of a ticket should be in the range £15-17.50, with a cash bar. There will be a reduction for people who buy their tickets early. More details will be available in the Newsletter and on the website and tickets will be on sale at the AGM.
  • The Chair reported that he would be chairing a meeting of interested parties on 16th February to establish the degree of support for a consultative forum for the Common. He had written to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Southampton and the Leader of the City Council seeking a high level meeting about the implications of the University’s further expansion for the area.
  • It was reported that the Council were still pursuing the person who feeds rats on and near the Common with a view to issuing a Community Protection Notice if a final warning fails to have an effect.
  • The Committee discussed the arrangements for the AGM on 14th April. It was agreed to explore the possibility of including a hustings at which each of the main parties’ candidates at the forthcoming Council elections would be invited to say, succinctly, what they would do for the Ward. The Chair and Secretary will report back on this at the next meeting.
  •  Under membership, it was reported that there were 507 members on the database and 411 current paid-up members.
  •  A number of issues were raised under Planning. The Committee were gratified by the rejection of the appeal concerning 91 Welbeck Avenue. It was agreed to seek evidence of an HMO authorisation at 26 Highcrown Street. A further liaison meeting had been arranged with Sam Fox, the head of planning and development control. A number of enforcement issues would be taken up at that meeting.
  • The Committee noted the further extensive use of the website.
  • The Committee received reports on fly tipping and the replacement of the main CV cable in Portswood High Street, details of which are on the website. The Chair will ask Ward Councillors to follow up our concerns reference the surface of Brookvale Road.

The meeting closed at 8.30 pm.

Professor Roger Brown, Chair