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HRA Committee Meeting Agenda – 10th December 2018 – ALL WELCOME!

Highfield Residents Association Committee Meeting
Mon 10th December 2018
7.30 pm, Highfield House Hotel – ALL WELCOME
1. Welcome, apologies and declarations of interest
2. Intro new Hon Sec, Barbara Claridge
3. Minutes of last meeting (previously circulated and taken as read).
4. Matters arising
5. Presentation by Dr Gil Deckle re community activity
6. University Liaison: updates and latest info: Jon Walsh
i. Reports:  Finance, latest Treasurer situation, Contingency Fund
ii. Membership: Nicolla Martin – impact of latest Newsletter
iii. Planning – Review reports (already circulated); new Planning member? Outstanding enforcements, Sandbanks
iv. Website – Nadine
v. Newsletter – Nadine and Steven
7. Roles and responsibilities – Nadine and Committee
8. Report on NORA meeting – Jerry
9. AOB
10. Date of next meeting – Mon 14th January 2019.