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HRA News Bulletin – February 2014

  • The Committee welcomed John Hayward, Chair of Outer Avenue Residents Association, and Helen Kemble, our Police and Community Support Officer (PCSO).
  • We have still not received our grant from the Big Lottery Fund ‘Awards for All’ scheme. It was agreed to establish if and when this will be received; if necessary we will provide the necessary resources to get started with the Building Bridges project (see below) and the revamped website and recoup the money from the grant.
  • The arrangements for the AGM on 24th April were confirmed. After the formal business, and prior to the usual social, a panel of speakers representing the City Council, the University of Southampton and the Police will answer questions from residents.
  • There have been no recent developments on the proposed University Cycleway but plans are being made to clear the sides of Lovers Lane with a possible grant under the BAT Legacy scheme, with priority being given to the southern part.
  • There has been good progress with the Building Bridges project, a joint HRA/University/Police initiative to raise awareness amongst students, families and others to avoid them becoming victims of crime. A launch, presided over by the Mayor, will be held at the University on 26th or 27th April to which all members will be invited.
  • We received a report on the Council Planning Scrutiny Panel on 6th February and endorsed the action taken by the Vice-Chair in querying the Council Leader’s personal evidence to the Panel.
  • We agreed to participate in a planned St George’s Day Festival. We also agreed to raise the issue of traffic congestion at the junction of Portswood Road, Highfield Lane and St Denys Road; in the first instance, Helen Kemble will take this up with the Council.