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HRA News Bulletin – January 2014

  • The Committee were delighted to welcome back Jerry Gillen. We also welcomed the new Minutes Secretary, Chris Klewe.
  • We received Peggy Augier’s resignation on grounds of ill-health. Peggy is our longest serving member and will be greatly missed.
  • We had a presentation from one of the local Police Community Support Officers about a number of local anti-crime activities and operations, including one targeted at illegal acquisition and use of cycles by students and others.
  • We have not yet received the grant from Awards for All for our awareness campaign targeted at students and families to help them from becoming victims of crime. This grant is needed before we can relaunch the website.
  • We have still to see firm proposals for the new University Cycleway.
  • We received a disappointing response to our letter protesting at the disbandment of City Patrol on budgetary grounds.
  • We noted that HRA had made a presentation to the City Council Scrutiny Panel on Houses in Multiple Occupation which had been well received; the outcome will not be known before the May elections.
  • We agreed to consider applying for a grant for outside work to continue with clearing the Little Common. This could include meeting the costs of a permanent, regular volunteer group of residents and students.
  • We noted the amount of litter and other refuse in some parts of the area, including on the footpath connecting Westwood Road to Gordon Avenue.