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Local Awaaz FM Community Radio support for refugee camp in Calais

Hi Everyone,
Last February, Awaaz FM took a van load of clothes to the refugee camp in Calais. Since then, half the camp has been bulldozed and this means more migrants are in destitute circumstances. A new camp has cropped up in Dunkirk. The sad fact is that whilst the politicians make up their minds on what to do, people are suffering. This Easter, Awaaz FM is planning a second trip and we need your help. We are asking for donations to help pay for the trip as well as to buy warm clothes and tents. We already have a store room full of clothes donated by our listeners but the Charity organisers in Calais have told us that their warehouse is fast running out. If you are able to offer financial help for this project please do get in touch today! Your small change will change a lot!

Watch our video here to see our last trip: https://youtu.be/6osP7bwSU60
Kind Regards,
Ali Beg
Project Manager – Awaaz FM Community Radio

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