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More background to street names: Hill Lane to the junction with Bassett Avenue

More background to street names: north of Winchester Road from Lordswood Gardens /Hill Lane to the junction with Bassett Avenue.
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North of Winchester Road from Lordswood Gardens / Hill Lane, to the junction with Bassett Avenue.
The variety and type of name here, makes we wonder whether some I can’t explain were named after big houses – but apart from the ones I’ve mentioned, I can’t trace them on the maps I have access to.
HILL LANE. I’ll talk about this in detail later.
LORDSWOOD GARDENS. No need for further explanation.
ROCKLEIGH ROAD was Rockstone Road, and was renamed when Southampton was expanded to encompass Bassett in the 1920’s). Sounds as if they just chose a close name.
HIGHCLERE ROAD. Highclere is a village in Hampshire. Highclere Castle (where Downton Abbey was filmed) and was the home of Lord Caernarvon, who discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb.
THORNHILL ROAD. Name changed to Thornhill Road from Back Lane (as it was known locally) by 1987. (Thanks to
Bitterne Local History Society). But it’s a long way from Thornhill. Can’t find any other Thornhills it’s likely to be named after, though oddly enough, there’s a Back Lane in Thornhill Dumfriesshire!
ABINGDON GARDENS. Maybe Abingdon-on-Thames or Abingdon Abbey? There was nursery here on the old maps.
REDHILL WAY / CRESCENT / CLOSE. Red Hill is the district, north of Winchester Road near the Sports Centre. The name is given to the main road in the area, a lane leading down to the now-vanished Redhill Farm. There was also a Red Lodge nearby on old maps.
UNDERWOOD ROAD / CLOSE. Is this a reference to local features?
BOLDREWOOD ROAD. A country house named Boldrewood is on the 1892 – 1914 map, north-east of the junction of Burgess Road and Bassett Avenue. It’s a bit far away, but must surely have given its name to this road. Bolderwood is an area of the New Forest
OVERCLIFF RISE / UNDERCLIFF GARDENS. Again, is this a reference to local features?
WYKEHAM CLOSE. Wykeham Lodge was here in 1907. William of Wykeham (1320/4–1404), was Bishop of Winchester and Chancellor of England.
VERMONT CLOSE. Vermont is a northeastern state in the New England region of the United States. This is one I thought might be connected to a house.
TALBOT CLOSE. This seems unlikely to have been the car. The Toc H movement’s name is an abbreviation for Talbot House, “Toc” signifying the letter T in the signals spelling alphabet, used by the British Army in World War I. A soldiers’ rest and recreation centre named Talbot House was founded in December 1915 at Poperinghe, Belgium. It was named in memory of Gilbert Talbot son of Edward Talbot – Bishop of Winchester in 1915 – who was killed at Hooge in July 1915. The Toc H building Talbot House in Brunswick Square was designed and built by Architect Herbert Collins in 1932. Perhaps this road was named after Gilbert Talbot as well.
Alternatively, Sir John Talbot, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury, 1st Earl of Waterford, 7th Baron Talbot, KG (c. 1387 – 17 July 1453), known as “Old Talbot”, was an English nobleman and a noted military commander during the Hundred Years’ War. And the Talbot was a type of hunting hound, common in England during the Middle Ages.
VECTIS COURT. Vectis was the ancient Roman name for the Isle of Wight.
THE FIRS. There was house of this name here on old maps.