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National Neighbourhood Watch – a week of activity focusing on preventing ‘phone scams

Dear colleagues,

The following note is from National Neighbourhood Watch – promoting a week of activity focusing on preventing ‘phone scams.

The link to all the campaign details is included for you to view – but I have highlighted two links to a leaflet which I’m sure you could use to spread the word:


http://www.ourwatch.org.uk/uploads/pub_res/Whos_calling_leaflet_update_web.pdf                     (web version) http://www.ourwatch.org.uk/uploads/pub_res/Whos_calling_leaflet_May_2015_high_res.pdf      (print version)

Their suggestion is we ask our coordinators to speak to at least 3 people to raise awareness of this ever increasing crime – but I hope we can all do better than this!
Kind regards

Bob Combes

Chairman – Hampshire & IoW Neighbourhood Watch Association

t: 02392 522439   e: bobcombes@talktalk.net


Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network (England and Wales)

This year National Neighbourhood & Home Watch Week will run from 20th – 28th June and the theme is phone scams. Financial Fraud Action UK are kindly supporting this campaign and have produced a pack of electronic materials with us. They will also be bringing their considerable influence to bear on the national promotion of the Week via the press and media, where they have great contacts.