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Officers in Southampton are looking to crack down on motorcycle related anti-social behavioiur this summer

Officers in Southampton are looking to crack down on motorcycle related anti-social behaviour this summer

Motorcycles and similar vehicles are often ridden by unlicensed and uninsured persons in areas designed for children, dog walkers and pedestrians. They can be dangerous when ridden irresponsibly and they cause noise nuisance to those who live near a hotspot. Use of these vehicles also causes damage to playing fields and green open spaces. Mansel Park, Green Park, Southampton Common and Sutherland Road are areas mini-motos are often sighted.

Whilst most people who ride these vehicles do so with care, we notice an increase in reports this time of year of people riding thoughtlessly in inappropriate areas.

Last year, the Shirley and Millbrook Neighbourhood Policing teams issued 12 Section 59 warnings under the Police Reform Act 2002, achieved 19 prosecutions including Youth Cautions and seized 10 motorbikes under the Road Traffic Act 1988.

Two collisions occurred last year in the Millbrook area that involved motorcycles being ridden illegally. One resulted in a serious injury, the other a minor injury. On both occasions we identified the rider and they were prosecuted.

We could not have done this without help from the local community. The eyes and ears of our communities are invaluable when it comes to reducing anti-social behaviour. We want to make an even bigger impact this year and we can only do that with public assistance.

Police Constable Simon Peacock said: “We need the help of the public more than ever. It’s no secret there has been a reduction in officers patrolling and unfortunately that sends a negative message to our communities. We want to reassure the public that just because we don’t come and see them, doesn’t mean we can’t hear them.

“We work closely with our partners to protect communities from ASB and the Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB), crime and policing Act 2014 to help us achieve that. This act gives us the power to reduce ASB with enough evidence.

“If you see anyone on a motorcycle, quad bike or mini-moto causing a nuisance or putting lives at risk, report it. We need names, descriptions, locations and video or photographic evidence. If you’re willing to give a statement or provide information anonymously, we want to hear from you. Just call 101 and we’ll do the rest.

“If you’re going to ride a motorbike, quad bike or mini-moto this summer, make you are legal to do so. Stick to roads and designated areas that allow for such vehicles. Wear a helmet, be aware of your surroundings and ride safely to protect yourself and others.”

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