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Portswood Road (looking North) at c1917 – an in-depth historical account

This is an excellent historical account of Portswood Road (looking north) at c1917, courtesy of William Burns of Southampton Sotonians and Friends.
Portswood Road c1917 looking North
The fighting men of Portswood Road.
In this view a man with a empty handcart is about to leave the southern end of Portswood Road and head down Bevois Hill, a steep incline for folk pushing goods back and forth let alone the weight of a heavy wooden handcart.
As we look to the left we see the old terraced houses at this end of Portswood Road, the taller buildings we see were business premises, the 2nd post tramways electricity post seen on the left is near the corner of Rigby Road.
Looking at the businesses there we see at number 21 was the drapers business of Thomas White & Sons. Thomas Beverly White would have been around 40 years of age in 1917, Southampton born Thomas is seen running the drapery business in 1911 with his wife Eleanor and his mother in-law Sarah Todd, Thomas also served with the Royal Garrison Artillery during the great war.
Then at number 23 Portswood Road we had the fruiter Mr Albert Haysom, Albert Earnest Haysom was another Southampton born man who also served during the great war joining the Army Service Corp at the age of 24.
Then at number 25 Portswood Road we had the confectioners shop of Mr Emery. Bristol born Francis Emery who lived at number 25 with his daughter Nancy and wife Matilda who assisted in the business gave his profession as a Dairyman in 1911.
Lives lived in Southampton, they have all gone now, the tall buildings remain.
Some had served their country during the great war, fighting for freedom and democracy with our European allies, a freedom and democracy that Europeans have enjoyed since the 2nd World War. Sadly ‘today’ another holocaust is destroying the democracy of a European nation, a democracy which our men fought so bravely to defend in 1914-1918 and again in 1939-1945, many paying with their lives.
Today genocide is once again perpetrated upon civilians in Europe, what will the future hold as War is once again waged in Europe by an aggressive and ruthless dictator who would invade a ‘free’ nation?
Our Portswood men survived the great war returning to their civilian businesses in Portswood Road.