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Possible repeat offender first in Oakmount Triangle and now in Priory Road, St Denys

Reported to Group on 21/06/22:

A recent video was posted in ‘St Denys Rocks’ of the driver of a Kendricks Fencing Ltd truck stealing 4 alloy wheels with tyres from the side passage of a house in Priory Road. The victim pursued the thief by car and reported it to the Police.

Kendricks Fencing Ltd were also reported to the Police by the owner of a house in Oakmount Triangle on 1 June for accessing the back of their house without permission and then using abusive and threatening behaviour when found out and on returning again. The Police at the time urged the owner to telephone 999 if the occupants of the truck returned. (This incident was documented separately at the time).

Cllr Savage is coordinating with the Police Inspector for Portswood on contacts with victims of crime from both St Denys and also from Oakmount Triangle.

This is a prime example of what the WhatsApp Group was set up to achieve.