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Profile of Chris Klewe, HRA Committee Minute Secretary

Chris Klewe is the HRA Committee’s Minute Secretary. He issues meeting agendas and painstakingly notes all meeting proceedings, ensuring that he has not missed anything or left anyone out. While others can afford to take time out from listening to meeting discussions, Chris has to concentrate from begining to end. It is not an easy task but one which he undertakes extremely effectively and accurately, always producing an excellent account of the meeting. Here is a little about his life.

Profile of Chris Klewe, HRA Committee Minute Secretary

I grew up near Guildford, Surrey, and came to the Southampton Area in 1965 after graduating from Cambridge University,  to carry out research for the Electricity Supply Industry at Marchwood Engineering  Laboratories.

I have been married for 46 years, and have 3 grown up children, 2 grandchildren and moved to Highfield some 25 years ago.

On the HRA committee I am responsible for sending out the agendas, drafting and if necessary amending  the minutes of meetings, and then circulating the approved minutes.

Since moving to this area,  I have been a keen yachtsman and  have sailed in the Solent and most of the western Channel  Areas.