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Profile of Steven Johnston, Environmental Liaison

Steven is one of several relatively new HRA Committee Members and, unusually, he is one of the few who is not retired! Being already busy with work and bringing up a young family, he is nevertheless a very active member of the Committee and carries the responsibility for Environmental Liaison. He brings a fresh and engaging approach to the Committee, quick to pick up on important matters and injecting a youthful enthusiasm into all things HRA. Here is a little about his life.

Profile of Steven Johnston, HRA Committee Member responsible for Environmental Liaison

Steven Johnston moved into Highfield in 2008 attracted by the wide diversity of housing, and the retail offered in Portswood Highstreet. As a former student from the University of Southampton and having lived in over 10 properties across Southampton, Highfield is a pleasurable experience, in part due to  the beautiful open spaces that make up Southampton common.
He is the father of two young children and  he is the proud owner of a Shiba Inu (Japanese snow dog) , all of whom love the open spaces.
In his spare time he enjoys running and has participated in the Southampton half marathons. He volunteers as a Highfield Residents Committee member and has an interest in environmental issues.