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Santa’s electric sleigh tour of parts of Highfield: from 5 pm, Thursday 23 December 2021

Santa’s electric sleigh
(courtesy of Cecilia Abert / Made in Here)
Ernie, the 1960s milk float, is transforming into Santa’s electric sleigh on the evening of Thursday 23 December, at 5 pm and bringing Christmas cheer to Highfield! The Red Man himself will be touring around parts of Highfield with a live Samba Band and some Christmas music, raising money for SoCo MusicProject and Yellow Door charities. Get your children and grandchildren ready and join the street party and please bring cash for the buckets!!!!
Here is the route The Red Man will be taking!
Start at 5 pm at the top of Oakmount Avenue, at the dead end where it meets Westbourne Crescent.
Next, down the top of Westbourne Crescent, along Leigh Road, back up Oakmount Avenue. Next, all of Westbourne Crescent and then all of Blenheim Avenue.
Next, from Blenheim Avenue, past Crofton Close/Woodstock Drive onto Brookvale Road, then up to Uplands Way and Orchards Way to the roundabout dead end.
Then back past Crofton Close/Woodstock Drive and up to the lower part of Oakmount Avenue.
Please share! Bring cash for charity buckets please!
WANTED! Someone who can walk with the electric sleigh and encourage children to come and meet and talk to Santa and have their pictures taken. If anyone would like to volunteer to do this, please message Cecilia Abert on the Made in Here Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/madeinhere.co.uk
NB Below is a picture from last year, courtesy of Ian Morse.