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Warning, be vigilant: 2 scam incidents outside Waitrose

One of the 2 incidents took place about 2 months ago, the other about 2 weeks ago:

About 2 months ago, an elderly man was withdrawing money from the ATM at Waitrose when a young man approached asking him to change a £20 note for 2 £10s. He agreed and as the exchange took place the young man dropped the £20. Stooping to pick it up the man realised it was simply a photocopy and the young man ran off. It was reported to Waitrose.

About 2 weeks ago,  the same man was getting out of his car at Waitrose when he was approached by the same young man who asked if he needed help. The young man then asked him to change £20 for 2 £10s. The man recognised him and challenged him at which point the young man swore and ran off. This time the police were also involved.

This is a scam that could be aimed at the less mobile. Please be vigilant and report any incidents immediately to the police.